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Software so good, even I use it!!
After several years of trying different program languages.  I think I have settled on using one style.  I have found a cross-platform version.  I am in process of recoding my software to work under this format.

 Comic Book Content Manager.

       Comic Book Content Manager is supported under both
       Mac (10.4 and up) & Windows (Xp and up).

        Desinger works like a blog concept, you post a picture & some optinal comments about it.
        Upload the output files to your website.
        No need for any fancy sql database or cgi code or etc.
        Each comic book page can then be viewed by navigation buttons. 

        Due to limits of code, Comic Book Content Manager works like a text based html editor.
        However you can create your code in an graphical (WYSIWYG) editor & then paste the code into my content manager.  You don't have to know html, as long as you don't lose track of your place.

You can even take your last published output put it back in, add more then update your website with the new files.


Soon to be Released.

Please check out my demo.  Made with my content manager.

 Battle Royale Tracker.

       Andriod phone only.

       I made a board game & made this tracker for it.  
       It is universal so you can use it to track anything that uses points, for up to four players.  
       Also included is a dice roller that supports multiple dice and shows history of rolls.

Available at the
Amazon App Store,
for FREE!

 Droid Where was I?        (spoof off the old movie, "Dude, Where is my car!")

About my App

  • Googole maps does all the tracking and navicatin. (gps can be off by 500 ft.)
  • My app just pulls current locatin saves it.
  • Allows note like parking garage space #. 
  • Then push it back to google maps.

TIP  (I released app on Amazone app store for free.)
( So you have to have the Amazon play store which is also free.)
(To avoid Amazon ads, install Amazon get what you want then Uninstall amazon.)
(You still get to keep anything there you download or buy from Amazon Playstore.)

 Available at the
Amazon App Store,
for FREE!


More to come, Stay tuned!!